How To Get Your Business Instagram Page More Exposure

So for a while , I would go on Instagram and purchase promo from random well known people who had a huge following thinking that it would get my Business Instagram Page more followers and exposure. But sad to say it didn’t and after a few failed promos , I decided I wasn’t going to do that anymore . So I began working really hard to better my content on my Instagram to attract followers organically . My goal was to gain followers who would be potential customers.

Things I Was Doing Wrong

  1. Purchasing Promo From Someone Just Because Of Their Following

  2. Not Attracting People Who Were Interested In Lipgloss

  3. Not Identifying My Niche

So Now...

I figured out that in order for promo like that to work it has to be bought from a business like yours who already has a huge and ACTIVE following . Active meaning they actually purchase things. By buying promo from a like business you automatically know that all of their followers are interested in what you are offering and that they are buyers not just followers.

Things I Do Differently

  1. Purchase Promo From Bigger Lipgloss Businesses On Instagram Who Have 20k Or More Active Followers

  2. Send Them A Post That I Know For Sure Is Going To Bring The Type Of Results I’m Looking For .... I’ll explain

When purchasing promo on Instagram you pay someone to post your product or services right ? So what’s some definite ways you know people will follow your page amongst all the other businesses purchasing promo ?

What To Have Promoted

  1. GIVEWAYS GIVEWAYS GIVEAWAYS people are going to follow your page for a chance to win something for free because for 1 they are already interested in what you are offering and a follow costs them nothing.

  2. BE DIFFERENT ‼️ come up with something you’ve never seen before for example I recently started customizing cosmetic pouches and selling them wholesale for other cosmetic businesses and that was what I had bigger businesses promote for me. And guess what those promos lead to more followers and customers who didn’t hesitate to put in an order.

  3. USE GOOD MARKETING SKILLS if you offer the same product or service as others find a way to stick out . One way is having a better more affordable deal or price WITHOUT low balling yourself.

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