How To Find The Perfect Product To Sell 🤞🏾🛍

  1. Go with your personal passion. It has to be something you actually like yourself because you have to be the one to get behind your product and promote it .

  2. Don‘t be afraid to sell something because it’s apart of a “overly saturated market“ because truth is everyone is doing and selling everything . Not unless you’re an inventor and invent something totally need that no one has ever seen , then don’t be expecting to be the first person to do something . Yes everyone sells hair extensions, lashes , etc but you have to focus on how you can do it differently because one person can’t sell lashes to everyone in the world , right ? Right

  3. Focus on being different , creative and unique with your product . You can set your product aside from everyone else’s by creative packaging, unique brand name, how you choose to market your product and so much more .

  4. Be creative in every way possible with your brand . Don’t be afraid to eventually expand your product line . For example : if your are selling lashes , you can also sell lash accessories like tweezer lash applicators , lash brushes , lash glue etc... Basically with anything you sell you want to be a one stop shop. For example : If someone owns a hair salon where they provide extension install services it would be in their best interes to also sell hair extensions of their own to their customers so they don’t go spending that money elsewhere.

  5. Find a problem then offer a solution. For example: a lot of women have the hardest time applying strip eyelash extensions so someone had the bright idea to create the magnetic 🧲 eyelashes and magnetic eyelash glue. This is where your creativity has to kick in.

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