Being A New Business Owner

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

First off let me say, without God and a strong support system , nothing is possible. But with God , everything is possible. I started Melanin Queens LLC because I've always had a passion for creating things with my hands. That's why I chose to start a business where I could create products the way I want to, of course with research on these products, so I can make them correctly.

It All Began With a Dollar & A Dream

There's so much history behind this drawing . I know it looks bad, lol I'm no artist BUT for years I've been wanting to take that leap of faith and just start my own business but I would always " I wanna do this" & "I wanna do that" but never did. UNTIL this day ( January 6th, 2019). My mother has her own Credit Repair Company ( ) that she has successfully been doing for about 2 years and some change now , and she stepped out on faith and started her business. And she's always wanted her children to do the same, become a business owner, work hard, build a business and brand that we can pass down to our children, create that generational wealth. So she's always been the one to be all in when I was always "talking" about starting my business but that particular day she gave me that extra push I needed to get things in motion. I was at her house that day and we were just doing like we always do, talk, laugh, and just enjoy each others company but somehow she always found a way to remind me of what I want to do and how I CAN do it. So of course I told her so many of my ideas for my business if I ever started it and she'd listen to my dreams and what I wanted for my future. But this day she was like, "Breanna I can't let you leave here today without making the first step to starting your business", and I was like "huh!" lol and she was like "You heard me ! You can do this! At least get yourself a business EIN number & a name " . So of course fear was like, " Girllll , you know you can't start no business ". But God said "It's Time". And I came up with the name Melanin Queens, the LLC part was added for legal purposes of course. But that name stuck with me and when I talked about it I got an unexplainable joy that kicked fear out so I made that first step and I'm never looking back no matter how hard it gets, or how much the devil wants me to fail. I WON'T !

Im now my own boss , look at God . You have to start somewhere!

Business Tip #1:


Let God in !

He's all you need, and don't be afraid to make your first step and it doesn't matter how big or small your step may be. JUST do it already !

If you enjoyed today's' blog , stay tuned for more . I have plans to share all that I've learned getting my business started that others won't share for free.

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