About Us


Our Mission


Melanin Queens LLC was established in 2019 by CEO Breanna Hardy-H. ​My dream and reason for beginning Melanin Queens is to create products that women could love and trust to start their own lipgloss business and  become financially free. I want like-minded female entrepreneurs to trust us to be their lipgloss vendor because we are honest, reliable and most of all we want to see you become a successful business women. I create everything by hand using only the best ingredients so you can offer your customers high quality product.

Taking this HUGE leap of faith starting my business was scary but once I did it all I can do is thank God and I know I cannot fail! Failing is not an option for me or Melanin Queens LLC. So when you purchase anything from me rest assure that it's been made by me with love. This is just the beginning and I'm learning and improving as I go. 

We are here to serve female entrepreneurs who want to join the beauty industry by creating and selling vegan cruelty-free lipgloss in the U.S. If this description fits you then you are in  the right place.

Register with us and visit our blog tab to find helpful business tips and read my story on things I had to learn myself for my business.